Traveling solo gives you a more meaningful trip because of the amazing memories you’ve created alone. Hence, Solo Traveler are now increasing in numbers. There are many things that you could experience as a solo traveler like meeting new people, going places and experiencing things all by yourself. Tips for Solo Traveler is in connection to my article The Benefits of Traveling Solo.

If you plan to travel by your own here are the 3 Easy Tips for Solo Traveler for a Fun and Safe Trip.


A Solo Traveler Should Plan In Advance

Solo Traveler

First of all, if you’re a solo traveler you should book your flight 3-6 months before your desired travel date to get the cheapest fare. Make sure you arrive at daylight so you can easily find your way. It is more convenient to book early to have a longer time searching the best spots to explore and more affordable place to stay.

Search the tourist spots and even the not so known destinations in that country, know how to get there, what ride you should take, and how much money will be spent for the fees and food. Search about their culture to know the dos and don’ts, and learn few phrases of their language so that you could get along with the locals.

Pack light. Bring only what is needed for the whole trip. If you want to bring your own lotion, toothpaste, and perfume just make sure it’s only 50-100ml if you’re planning to take hand-carry baggage. Make sure you don’t forget your passport, ID, itinerary receipt, camera, phone (Consider buying an unlocked cell phone also so that you can buy a SIM card for it in each country as you travel), charger and adapter. Anything important for your travel like maps and copy of transportation schedules, and your pocket money so that you could easily change it at the Money Changer once you arrived in the airport.

Be Aware While Enjoying

Be Aware

Going to places you have never been is really exciting. Meeting new people, learning new cultures, and doing all the adventures available there is a once in a lifetime experience. But, you should NOT forget that you are not in your own home, so you must be aware and stay safe.

Don’t draw attention looking like an obvious tourist by wearing flashy clothes and jewelry, camera swinging, and home country flag patches. Try to mix with the locals, not by looking like them but connecting with them. Connect with other travelers also, but make sure that they can be trusted. Stay friendly but don’t forget to be observant.

When asking directions, lie a little that you’re going to meet a friend or a relative to the place you’re going. Do not forget to let your family and trusted friends know your destination and the hotel that you are staying, leave them a copy of your itinerary. There are also cities who offers free local tour guides, know their contacts. Also, save the number of your country’s embassy in case you will be needing there help, and any possible hotlines in that foreign country that you could seek for help.

Get Ready for the New Adventures

Get Ready for the New Adventures

In addition, try new amazing things that push you to your limit and keep you out of your comfort zone. Do something you never do regularly, you have to be adventurous! Besides, conquering your fears is a way to discover things that you are capable of. Be fearless!

Finally, don’t forget to always do the good things wherever you go. Do not litter, always lend a help and obey the laws. Take nothing but memories. Leave nothing but footprints.

“When you travel far enough, you are going to meet yourself.”

-David Mitchell

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