This Top Rated High Speed Power Bank from EC Technology is the perfect portable charger to have. It is a 2nd Gen Deluxe with 22400mAh external battery. It has a blue LED indicator that helps you easily know the charging status and battery level. Plus, you can also use the LED flashlight to three modes: SOS, highlight, and average light mode. It’s also perfectly safe because the high-grade flame-retardant plastic shell protects it from the damage. It supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, overcurrent and short-circuit protection to protect your devices. The High Speed Power Bank has a smart chip that automatically charging your devices when it’s incorrectly inserted.


EC Technology High Speed Power Bank Review

High Speed Power BankThis High Speed Power Bank Review is my personal opinion about this great power bank. Though the battery pack is quite large but this unit is the most reliable battery charger than other brands. You can get about six to eight full charges for a phone or tablet. The LED flashlight is a fantastic feature which is very useful also. It’s always a good thing to have this knowing that you would never be stuck elsewhere having a dead phone. It takes a while to charge it to full capacity but it’s alright because it holds and charges multiple devices at once.

The EC Technology High Speed Power Bank is awesome! The best high speed power bank I’ve ever had; it holds a great capacity of power to charge my devices multiple times at once. It’s remarkably heavy for it’s size, and so I wouldn’t recommend it to carry around inside your purse every day unless of course you have to charge multiple products per day.


High Speed Power BankHigh Speed Power Bank

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