The Best Virtual Reality Glasses!

If you’re planning to purchase on what’s trendy in technology today; then I suggest that you buy DAWAY GODVR Virtual Reality Glasses 2016 Newest Version. It’s a VR Headset Helmet for 4-6 inches Android and iOS Smartphones. A high quality virtual reality glasses suitable for adults and kids.

This DAWAY GODVR Virtual Reality Glasses review showcases its high class functionality and clarity. This is actually a good addition to your gadget collections. DAWAY GODVR Virtual Reality Glasses will let you have an immersive sense of vision. You just lie on your bed or sofa then you can enjoy watching a 3D movie on your phone. One of the good things that I like about DAWAY GODVR is its clear surface gloss, high material stability and the 3D images are really clear. It’s an awesome experience to use this while watching movie on my phone. This is very cool compared to some virtual glasses that I have tried before. It has soft straps that’s why it’s very comfortable to wear. It actually fits and works very well on my iPhone 6 plus which is a great thing!

DAWAY GODVR Virtual Reality Glasses

DAWAY GODVR Virtual Reality Glasses is the coolest thing I have ever had. I enjoyed using it especially if I watch roller coaster ride videos. The only thing that it lacks of is that it doesn’t have controls thru the headset; and it’s not easy to adjust the distance between the lenses and your eyes. But still, it’s a cool Virtual Glasses. I would definitely recommend this if you’re just a beginner user of virtual glasses.

You can actually purchase this product at a discounted rates. Go and buy DAWAY GODVR Virtual Reality Glasses now! Try and immerse yourself in a great virtual experience ever!

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