The Under Armour Jawbone UP3 provides an understanding of your heart health and advance detail of your workouts and sleep stages. It tracks your  food, drink, calories, nutrients to know if you’re eating right. This UP3 tracker has patented multi-sensor technology that automatically tracks your resting and passive heart rate, the true stages of your sleep and makes activity tracking simple. Combined with the intelligence of Smart Coach; UP3 gives you the big picture of your health and the guidance you need to reach goals.

Under Armour Jawbone UP3

Under Armour Jawbone UP3 Review

Under Armour Jawbone UP3

Great value for money and amazing features, the Best Under Armour Jawbone UP3 have all these. It is small and very easy to wear and it has a great analytics and insight. Under Armour Jawbone UP3 has a fantastic battery life. The only problem that I had with Jawbone UP3  is the clasp because occasionally it comes loose, and it kinda difficult to clasp it. But looking to the brighter side, buying this product really helped me to strengthen and keeping my heart healthy. I feel very active and healthy because of how it helps me monitor my heart rate and with the guidance of the Smart Coach also. I got enough sleep and wakes up actively because of the Jawbone’s Smart Alarm which silently wakes me up. Plus its Advanced sleep tracking instantly capturing REM, Light and Deep. I am more aware of my health because of the Under Armour Jawbone UP3.


I guarantee you that this is an excellent product with useful features that will totally help strengthen your overall physical health. Cheap Under Armour Jawbone UP3, perfect addition to your fitness regime. Buy Under Armour Jawbone UP3 now! And see the good benefits that it will bring to your overall health.




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