Did you know that you can make your own soap just by baking it? It is very easy, just follow these simple steps and in just a couple of minutes you will have your own cupcake soap that you can give as a gift to your friends or loved ones on their birthdays or any special occasions.

You can order all the ingredients online, wait a day or two and it will be delivered straightly on your door without any hassles. Let’s start!

Here are the things you need so that you can start baking your own cupcake soap:

Goat’s Milk Melton Pour
Brown Oxide
Cream Cheese Fragrance
Chocolate Espresso Fragrance
Meringue Powder
Foaming Bath Whip; and
Glitter and Sprinkles

For the supplies:

Mixing Bowl
Cutting Board
Electric Scale
Measuring Spoons
Hand Mixer and Piping Bad for the icing.

Let’s begin the procedure. First, measure the melton pour on the electric scale so that you can proportionate the amount of fragrance oil for the melton pour. Secondly, cut the melton pour into small cube sizes then put in the bowl together with the brown oxide, after putting all the two ingredients put it into the microwave and nuke it for 30 seconds, you know that the base is heated enough when it comes out as a smooth texture. Third, pour the base into the silicone cupcake bases and cool it down to room temperature until it hardens. For the icing, take the foaming bath whip then add it into the bowl, add the fragrance oils and meringue powder, after putting all these ingredients together in the mixing bowl beat it using the hand mixer for one to two minutes until it gets whipped nicely. After mixing it all together, add some melted soap then mix it to the mixture blending for another minute until it is soft. Put the mixture in the piping bag and now you are ready to pipe the cupcakes. Take note: You only have 5 minutes to do the piping of the icing on the cupcake before it gets hard. Now your are done! Put some glitters and sprinkles on it for the final touch!

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