What is Silica Gel?

Silica gel is made synthetically from sodium silicate that can be found inside your new shoes, camera box, and bag. A desiccant that induces a state of dryness in its vicinity. Though it has “Throw away” and “Do not eat” phrases written on it, it is actually non-toxic. Yet, they present a choking hazard and must be kept away from children below 12 years old.

There are shocking number of its uses, here are some of those:

silica gel gym bag

Get rid of nasty odor and prevent bacteria on your gym bag; throw two or three S.G. packets. Also, you can put it on your drawer to keep your clothes away from bacteria.

silica gel wet phone

Save your wet phone; put it in a jar full of S.G. packets and leave for 24 hours. It’s more effective than rice because it absorbs the water quickly.

silica gel old photos

Save old photos from sticking together; put a few packets in a box of old photos.

silica gel windshield

Use S.G. packets to defog your foggy windshield. Put a bunch of it under your windshield.

silica gel razor blades

Use S.G. packets to extend the life of your razor blades. It absorbs the moisture faster that causes it to rust.

Silica Gel - important documents

Keep your important documents safe. Put a couple of it inside a box or envelopes with your important documents to ensure protection.


There are plenty of new ways to reuse it since it is a desiccant that control local humidity to degradation of some goods. In addition, a few varieties of silica gel come coated with cobalt chloride, which is considered toxic. Therefore, you have to be careful and buy only pure silica gels. You can purchase pure silica gel packets for any great cost on Amazon.com. Also, you could find more helpful tips at Myrrh Shop that will surely improve your lifestyle. We believe that the secret for happier and healthier life is doing the simplest things which are often the best!

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